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Montagne Magique are our exclusive programme providers.


Half day (3hrs) = CHF 240.-
Full days (6hrs) = CHF 460.-

The price stays fixed no matter the group size (i.e. no supplement for additional skiers)
You may reserve for up to 6 participants per group.
Lessons are available for both children and adults.


Reserve your own Ski School Director for the day. Improve, Explore and Enjoy the very best of the 4 Valleys. Tailor made itineraries delivered by the Directors who call this region their home. Perfect for private groups, friends, families or colleagues looking for that little bit extra. Feel free to ask us for further details on the itinerary and what you can expect or what you had in mind on this special day.

Your Director for the day : 550.-CHF for 1 to 6 particpants


Lessons for Tour Operators and Larger groups

This programme is designed to open up the 4 Valleys region to larger groups and with budget in mind. For groups of up to 10 persons of a similar ability and graded into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced categories the programme concentrates on having fun whilst covering kilometres rather than on delivering a detailed coaching format.
According to ability, there is something for everyone in this traditional group set up. You ski with a qualified member of the team for handy tips and advice and still get to explore as much of the region as your ability allows.

Full days (6hrs) = CHF 500.-
Half day (3hrs) = CHF 300.-

The price stays fixed no matter the group size (i.e. no supplement for additional skiers)
You may reserve for up to 10 participants per group. ( up to 12 persons in Peak Season)


‘Develop your Passion and direct your skills’. Turn them into a way of life in this most prestigious of Alpine Destinations. Long term Training and Performance Development Coaching for a minimum schedule of 90 hrs.
Full and Part time work contracts available upon completion of the schedule and according to your progress.

90 Hrs : 1800.-chf


Once in a life time opportunity to join with qualified ski school instructors during their pre season and continued training. Specifically aimed at career change professionals and those enjoying work related sabbaticals. Rekindle your love of snowsports and train with a specific set of goals in mind. Be part of a friendly team and get to understand what makes your perfomance tick.

Entry Criteria : Minimum 22 weeks on snow experience.

100.-chf per participant per day.
Max of 4 Participants

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Address: Haute Nendaz - Switzerland